The software integration world is weird and interesting. People who aren’t close to it typically don’t even know it exists. Teams that need to buy integration products or services typically don’t really want to do it.

Yet, it’s incredibly important.

The SaaSification of the software industry, emerging frameworks for rapid product development, and lots of capital funneling into the sector have created a huge amount of fragmentation. This makes software integration a non-negotiable capability for any company that uses software (read: any company).

These dynamics have created a complicated set of incentives and market dynamics that are useful to understand.

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We’re about to go through a period of creative destruction in the integration software industry, currently heavy with vendors calling themselves “iPaaS” (integration platform-as-a-service).

I believe that the unit economics of an iPaaS business are extremely challenging. We’re starting to see a wave of closures you probably don’t hear about, acquisitions you probably will, and general industry consolidation.

To name a few examples:

There’s a reason you don’t see publicly traded iPaaS companies, Talend temporarily being an…

I’m excited to announce that Blended Edge is now officially a member of the Open Integration Hub community. This represents a formal commitment to bring Open Integration Hub to the world and to contribute back to the project.

This is big news for Blended Edge!

This technology partnership will be a key piece of our approach to solving the software connectivity conundrum. It helps us to tackle this tired problem with a unique perspective. Most importantly, it helps us empower our customers, the software producers who depend on integrations for growth, to deliver best-in-class connectivity.

In this post I’m going…

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I’m coming back to Medium to share ideas about software integration and SaaS from my voice.

Our company blog is the company’s voice and the company’s perspective, and it’ll overlap with mine in a number of places. I’m the CEO/cofounder. It probably should, albeit not exclusively.

This will be my channel to prognosticate as me — to discuss the challenges that ultimately inspire our business. To discuss the problems we seek to help our customers solve.

I thought it would be fitting to start off with the fundamental reason Blended Edge exists: solving the software connectivity conundrum.

What is the software connectivity conundrum?

The term “connectivity…

If you don’t have an opinion, learn enough to form one.

One of my favorite questions to ask an interview candidate is, “What’s your opinion on that?” I ask, because the ability to formulate and communicate an opinion about a given topic is a strong indicator that you intimately understand the topic. It’s how I filter out the I-heard-that-term-once nonsense that makes up a depressing percentage of resume content. It’s one way that I validate a candidate’s credentials.

Having an opinion shows more than just your comprehension of a topic. It demonstrates your ability to think critically about abstractions. It shows that you apply reasoning to your work and life. It…

We can’t become Agile marketers until we understand what organizational systems define agility.

We need a way to define the Agile Marketing organization, so that a tangible framework can emerge. Retrofitting Scrum to marketing processes simply isn’t the answer. We need to step back and understand the fundamental systems that create an Agile organization. We need an abstraction of Agility. We must embrace the Agile pioneers’ teachings, from domains like software development and manufacturing, without simply borrowing from their ideas. Otherwise we are simply doing Agile things for the sake of doing them.

I’d like to propose an archetype for the Agile Marketing organization: a model that describe the…

There’s one big thing holding us back from an Agile marketing revolution: Scrum.

The marketing world is changing, as the principles of agility — the ones that changed how we build software — make their way onto the CMO’s radar. The need for flexibility, continuous improvement, and rapid decision making has never been stronger, but simply recognizing those needs isn’t going to satisfy them. Tension grows for marketers who know they need to become more agile, but struggle to “do it”. The tribe of marketers who feel this tension grows by the day. …

No matter how well you know your technology, writing a book is a whole new ballgame.

When Peach Pit Press asked me if I was interested in writing a book about Adobe Experience Manager (formerly called CQ5), I was flattered and excited. It’s not the kind of request someone receives often, if ever, during their career. In fact, it wasn’t even a tangible goal for me…more like, a whimsical idea of something I’d like to accomplish someday. It was something my future, seasoned self would hopefully get to do. Yet, here it was, right in front of me, ripe for the picking, and I obliged.

All said and done, the project took around…

Ryan Lunka

Cofounder and CEO of Blended Edge. Singer/guitarist in Local Tourists. Head of Guitars Not Guns Ohio. Ohio born and raised.

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